Prevent Workplace Illness with Professional Cleaning Services

Professional CleaningYou’ve probably seen it before. One person at the office gets sick and suddenly everybody is home with the flu.


This is due to what is called ‘cross contamination.’  When bacteria travels between people, usually through food, surfaces, equipment, or interpersonal interaction, it poses a health threat in any indoor environment where people are working in close quarters. 


When you consider that the average American spends roughly 90% of their time inside, cross contamination can become a huge cause for concern.


While it’s important to have a tidy, attractive workplace environment, the real role of professional cleaning services is to ensure that health and safety of you and your coworkers.


Not only does cross contamination cause significant health concerns, but lowered productivity due to illnesses contracted at the workplace leads to an estimated $60 billion in combined losses to businesses each year. 


This, combined with the fact that over 30% of buildings have poor indoor air quality, which is the cause of 50% of illnesses, makes the importance of employing an effective cleaning service more crucial than you may have realized.


The easiest way to combat cross contamination and reduce the incidence of workplace illness is professional cleaning practices. Effective cleaning reduces the amount of bacteria that people come in contact with every day.  Items such as keyboards, phones, and shared equipment are the leading source of cross contamination, and while it sounds like an obvious solution, skilled cleaning requires detailed processes, training, and quality control techniques. 


A well-trained professional cleaner is aware of the best practices involved in ensuring that harmful bacteria becomes a thing of the past and can develop a plan for eradicating cross contamination in the workplace.


Additionally, professional cleaning services have access to the tools needed to safely provide a clean, comfortable environment that doesn’t put its inhabitants at risk.  Improper use of chemicals can present safety issues and cause damage to equipment, furniture, and personal property.


Professional cleaning tools are safer and more effective than the everyday methods that most people are familiar with.


For a professional cleaning service that can keep your office healthy, productive, and safe, contact the experts at Wonder Janitorial Service of Michigan today!


You’ll wonder what you did without us.

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