The Signs of a High Quality Professional Janitorial Company

Professional Janitorial Service

When it comes to maintaining your facility, commercial cleaning is highly important. Each day, your reputation is placed on the line, and you want your facilities to convey a professional image to your clients. When searching for a new professional cleaning company, here are a few signs that you are dealing with high quality professionals:


Your phone calls are returned in a timely manner. Everyone becomes busy, but a janitorial services that do not return phone calls are not going to garner many rave reviews. When you contact a company, they should provide you with a quick response or immediate reply. 


Their prices are affordable. A professional cleaning company will always add value, and because they provide such valuable peace of mind, their prices are worth it. However, this doesn’t mean their janitorial services should cost you a small fortune. 


You’re unsure who is going to show up each day. A well-run company will send personnel who are familiar with your preferences and needs on a regular basis. Explaining for the 50th time to yet another new face where the office cleaning supplies and toilet paper are is incredibly frustrating, and it also shows that the cleaning company is unable to retain employees on a long term basis. 


You don’t know who’s in charge. When an issue arises, getting in touch with someone should not be difficult. A professional cleaning company will check in with you frequently – even if their services aren’t required. This demonstrates that the company cares about their clients and is responsive to their individual needs. 


At Wonder Janitorial Service, we offer flexible cleaning programs that can be easily be adapted to suit your facility. Daily, weekly, and monthly general cleaning and sanitizing programs are available. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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