Apartment Cleaning

Expert Apartment Cleaning Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Our cleaning plans will provide a top-quality feel in your building.

Apartment Cleaning Services in Farmington Hills, MI | Wonder Janitorial - elevatorWe have spent the time perfecting our cleaning techniques to provide a consistent clean every time no matter the job. Due to the heavy foot traffic an apartment building receives on a daily basis, common areas, entryways, and elevators can receive a beating over time. Luckily the team at Wonder Janitorial Service can revive your building with our apartment cleaning services.

What We Clean

Our team takes pride in our in-depth apartment cleaning. We use only the best products and most efficient processes to ensure you have a clean and sanitary space. Here are just a handful of areas we will clean in your building:

  • Glass Doors
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Common areas
  • Front Desk
  • Elevators
  • And more!

We also go beyond cleaning and don’t just stop with our task list! If we notice an area that needs our attention, we will let you know about it as soon as we we see it.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets often get a lot of traffic and can get dirty fairly quick. To keep carpets looking fresh for years to come, we recommend getting your carpet professional cleaned by our team. Clean carpets not only enhance the appearance of your building but also improves the indoor air quality for your tenants. With our professional carpet cleaning services, we can remove any dirt, grime, or dust from your carpets that’ll give them a cleaner look and feel.

Move Out Cleaning

When it comes to choosing an apartment, cleanliness is often a buyer’s top priority. Let us take the burden off of you when it comes to apartment move out cleaning for your building. Our team is trained and experience to clean an apartment from top to bottom. We will bring all the supplies and material needed to ensure that the apartment is spotless. Our team will make sure:

  • Mirrors are spotless
  • Dust is removed
  • Windows are washed
  • Trash is removed
  • Kitchen is cleaned and sanitized
  • Floors are swept
  • Bathrooms are scrubbed and disinfected

Whether you need your apartment building deep cleaned, the carpet cleaned, or move out services- the team at Wonder Janitorial can take on the job. We will use only the best products that will keep the building clean and disinfected for all your tenants.

If you want a clean apartment building that you can be proud of, then call our professional team at (734) 775-1984 for a full list of our apartment cleaning services.