See Why Our Clients Stay With Wonder!

We are constantly driven by our desire for outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

Wonder Janitorial has been taking care of our company for many years, even moving with us to our new facility in a different city. During the move, they handled our cleaning responsibilities after we left the old location and moved us into a clean and ready environment in the new location.

Recently, I took advantage of my co-worker being on vacation and uncluttered our normally ‘do not disturb’ paper environment. It is not easy to clean around our ‘daily mess’ while being considerate of the confidential pending paperwork stacks we are involved in, but the staff does a great job with these limitations. On this occasion, I left a note asking for a ‘deep cleaning’ of the office we share. We were both pleasantly surprised at the refreshed office area and at how seriously they took our special request in addition to their normal cleaning routine of our entire multi office facility.
Jackie S.

We have contracted with Wonder Janitorial Services for the past several years to clean our counseling offices. They have been totally professional from the aspect of patient confidentiality and security.  In addition, they provide a cleaning service you can depend on e.g. they are thorough, timely, and go the extra mile to meet our needs, etc.  Dan is always readily available if you have a question or need additional services. D.W.

We have been using Wonder Janitorial for a number of years. They are by far the most reliable company we have used.

They have also been instrumental in connecting us with other service providers that have proven to be outstanding business partners as well.

We value our relationship with Wonder Janitorial for more than just outstanding janitorial service.
Bridget Mahrle

I accidentally encountered Wonder's services at an apartment move-in. I saw my apartment before they came in to clean when it was still a mess from the previous tenants. I signed the lease because the location is great and my commute would be short. But, I was secretly hoping the apartment itself would be fixed up some before my move-in. Sure enough, once I got the keys, I saw how gloriously clean the place was! What a load off, I could focus on moving in and not the dreadful cleaning that often accompanies a move. So, a shout-out THANK YOU to Wonder Janitorial for their prompt and detailed service! You saved me <3 Jen Lendrum

Wonder Janitorial has been doing our cleaning services for a number of years. We are very satisfied with their services. Always very accommodating and thorough. Lori Kahl

We have used Wonder Janitorial for a number of years and have been satisfied with their professionalism. They have always been prompt and dependable. We have special events which require additional services and they have always been able to accommodate our needs. When we recently moved to our new location we didn’t think twice to bring them with us. Karen Eck

We have used WJS for the cleaning of our insurance company. We have been extremely satisfied and happy with the quality of their services. We were always concern with past cleaning service because we have customer confidential information. WJS was extremely professional and made us comfortable even though we had could have spent less money with another company we ended up going with them and we are happy we did. Alicia Holbrook

Organized, timely, and dependable with a great staff! Terri Renaud

We have been using Wonder Janitorial for many years at our office in Livonia, there professional employees and great service is why we still use them today. Carlos Munoz

Always willing to go above and beyond. Very reasonable pricing. Karen Schramm